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Teaching & supervisions

I supervise a number of undergraduate courses. I am also keen on supervising final year (Part II) projects in HCI, information visualisation, and applied data mining / machine learning. I have a number of ideas for projects for Part III / MPhil ACS students which can be supervised by a senior faculty member. Here is a list of project ideas. If interested, get in touch.

In early 2017 I wrote a short book on the Cambridge supervision system, called 'How to define an elephant'.

Guidelines for supervisions

  1. Venue: supervisions will be at the Computer Laboratory (in the William Gates Building). We will meet in front of reception.
  2. Deadline: work is due 48 hours before the supervision. Late work may not be marked. Excellent work submitted slightly late is preferable to timely but inadequate work. Work not handed in is immediately added to the work due for the subsequent supervision.
  3. Submission:
    1. Work is best handed in through email as a PDF attachment. I intensely dislike Word/OpenOffice/etc documents.
    2. Do not send me links to hosted files.
    3. Leave a margin of at least one inch on every side.
    4. Any code or pseudocode must be in a monospaced typeface such as Courier or Monaco.
    5. If your work is handwritten, a scanned copy (or legible pictures) is acceptable, but pay close attention to the next point.
    6. Keep your total file size small (less than 0.5MB).
    7. If you must hand in a hard copy, email me after you have put it in the blue box, otherwise I won't pick it up.
    8. The following must be clearly visible on the front page: your name, my name, the full name of the course, and the number of the supervision (e.g. "Artificial Intelligence II Supervision 2 — John Doe for Advait Sarkar").
  4. Support: if you have questions or difficulties related to the course, email me a few days in advance of the supervision with the query or difficulty to give me the best chance of addressing it well.

Courses supervised

First year courses (Part IA) Second year courses (Part IB) Final year courses (Part II)
Object-Oriented Programming
Software and Interface Design
Introductory Artificial Intelligence (AI-I)
Software Engineering
Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI-II)
Human-Computer Interaction
Information Retrieval

Students supervised

1advised: I contributed nontrivially to the supervision of the student, but was not the primary supervisor.

Other teaching

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